Say Everything will be Fine

The beginning (2001):

The band started to play melodic death metal in the beginning of 2001, and it was formed by a screamer (Andrea), two guitarplayers (Enrico P and Enrico L), a bassplayer (Massimo) and a drummer (Simone). They all played at that time with other bands of the North-East of Italy such as Tanist, Burial Place, Abhor and the band, which still had no name, had to be considered a “fun band” in which the guys fulfilled their desire to play melodic death metal. But the things had to become much more serious soon; in july of 2002 the band choosed its monicker: THIS ILLUSION fitted perfectly with the band's attitude and with the music they were going to play. In the same weeks, the band became a 6 piece act when Matteo (an old time friend of Enrico P) reached the band as third guitarplayer. Matteo's skills to play the guitar soon added the right “progressive” feeling to THIS ILLUSION music and the band composed (and riarranged) 6 songs in just 4 months. Unfortunately, the singer was no more involved in the project as the other 5 were, that's because Andrea left the band and was replaced by Alessandro.

The demo that started it all:

In April 2002 the band entered the NoBrain Studios in Mirano (Venice) to record their first selfproduced MCD, called “Of Promises Decayed”; the vocals parts were recorded by Enrico L. . “Of Promises Decayed” is composed by 6 tracks sounding as a mixture of the swedish modern death metal like Soilwork and the alltime classic sound of At The Gates, with a little Dissection-like flavour. This MCD got outstanding reviews all around the world; THIS ILLUSION were acclaimed almost everywhere as a very promising band. The band became “International band of the month” of january on the worldwide known website www.swedishmetal.net and rated “Watch Out!” band of the month in March 2003 on the italian magazine “Metal Shock”; among the others, THIS ILLUSION got great reviews by Scream Magazine, Aardschock Magazine, Walls Of Fire, Haternal Magazine, Into Obscurity Webzine and so on.

New Lineup, New Monicker (2003):

From the beginning of 2003 the line up of THIS ILLUSION is: Enrico P (rhythm guitar); Matteo (lead guitar); Davide (lead guitar); Enrico L (vocals); Giacomo (drums); Massimo (bass guitar), and then The band choosed to change name because of a possible misunderstanding with another band whose name is DISILLUSION; the new monicker of the band is (and will hopefully ever be) BLEED IN VAIN.

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