Well, let's see... It all started about 15 years ago, with 3 individuals who had a love for one band. Oh sure, there were lots of great bands out there during the last 3 decades, but RUSH... they were and always have been something special, and to those who love them, that's an undeniable fact.

Which brings us to Exit. We started out like many other cover bands, playing 'blasé' songs for unappreciative crowds at the local clubs. But then something happened. Normally, we used to play a couple of Rush tunes in the set, but this one night a guy yelled out, "Play another Rush song!"

So, we did... and then another, and another... This seemed to be happening more and more often to the point where we were practically playing a whole set's worth of Rush anyway. When we got to that point, it hit us that we just HAD to become a full-blown Rush tribute. Guess it just felt right at the time. So we dropped everything else we were playing and concentrated on the band we had come to love for so long.

A few years passed, and in that time Exit underwent a few changes, the first being the departure from the band of our original drummer Martin (insert picture here), who was a great musician in his own right, but things quickly got back on track after we found a replacement. Our new Neil Peart would be another one of our friends, Eric Geoffroy, who just happened to be a drummer AND a Rush fan (how convenient!)

Everything gelled for the next few years, as we played many shows all over North America, made many friends, and had tons of fun doing it. But then in 1996, both Eric and Frank Gamache (our bass player at the time) both chose to take time off. I think touring had burned them out a bit!

Now, to the present!

After a rather lengthy hiatus, Exit Stage Left has reformed with 2 new members. Eric Roy (insert picture here), drummer extraordinaire, and Michel St-Père (insert picture here), an amazing guitarist AND the brains behind the prog-rock band Mystery, and myself, Dean Baldwin (insert picture here), now playing the role of Vocalist/Bassist/Keyboardist of Geddy Lee in Exit.

So once again, we'll take to the stage as players, performers and portrayers, with the goal of turning all those who aren't already Rush fans into one, and for those who are, do our best to entertain them, and make them feel just like we do every time Rush hits the Stage.

Dean Baldwin
Exit Stage Left