The First Album from
Finding Nine

Remastered Album
Death Might be Late

The First Album from
Have a Seat

The New album MYSTERY
The World is a Game

Amazing Guitar player SROD - Nature

The long awaited 4th album from KARCIUS - The First Day

QWAARN new album
My Achievements


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Last update / Dernière mise à jour: DEC 9 2013

La musique de "Direction" au cinéma

La musique de "Direction" fera partie du nouveau film de Sébastien Pilote "Le Démantèlement".

Les droits de la pièce "La fuite" de l'album "Est" ont étés retenus par la production du long métrage. Le film, qui sortira en novembre 2013 suite à son passage au Festival de Cannes, met en vedette nul autre que Gabriel Arcand, Lucie Laurier, Gilles Renaud, Johanne-Marie Tremblay, Sophie Desmarais et Dominique Leduc.

HUIS - Despite Guardian Angels Pre-Order

Montreal progressive Rock Band HUIS, will be releasing their first album, Despite Guardian Angels, on January 15 2014, The CD is now available for Pre-Order in the Unicorn Store and all CD ordered during the pre=order will be signed by the band.

You can also vist the HUIS website at

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Guitarist Marck.T is known for his work with Prog Fusion band SPACED OUT. His first solo album Hanckcious is now available from Unicorn Digital.

Offered in DIGIPAK collectors edition

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SROD new Video

Check out SROD brand new Video, shot in beautiful parts of Venezuela, take the time to discover this amazing guitar player.

SROD is a musical project fronted by guitarist Santiago Rodriguez (Venezuela). SROD joins the line of great guitar albums released by Unicorn Digital such as Daryl Stuermer, Heon, Flood, Junk farms and many more.

SROD –Nature is available now

NINTH 9 STATE first album available now

Montreal metal band Ninth State first album FINDING NINE is available on Unicorn Digital. The album contains 11 songs including a remake of Peter Gabriel's Games Without Frontiers.

The -Ninth State- refers to a state of consciousness that is built upon the foundation of pleasure, For some it may be sex, for some it may be a substance that makes them feel a special way, for us it's the music. As a group, we definitely get off on creating and performing together. We sincerely believe that there is a ninth state, come and join us in it..

Offered in DIGIPAK collectors edition

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SUDDENFLAMES death Might be Late Remastered album Available now

While waiting for the release of their brand new studio album in 2013, Quebec metal band Suddenflames and Unicorn Digital is presenting a remastered Digipak Edition of the album Death might be Late.

SuddenFlames is a Heavy Metal/Power Metal band from Quebec City in Canada. The sound of SuddenFlames is influenced by traditional Power Metal bands like Gamma Ray, Helloween and Hammerfall. The members of the band are big fans of Old school Metal like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest and one can hear it. Melodies and musical structure are typically European but with a strong American thrash sound

Offered in DIGIPAK collectors edition

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MYSTERY The World is a Game

2 years after the very successful album One Among the Living, MYSTERY is back with their seventh album, The World is a Game.

With an brand new studio line-up featuring Michel St-Père on guitars and Keyboards, Benoit David on vocals, Antoine Fafard from the band SPACED OUT on bass and additional acoustic guitars and drummer Nick D’Virgilio (Spock’S Beard, Tears for Fear, Genesis).

This is also a new studio album for Benoit David who’S back from touring and recording 2 albums with legendary band YES and his third studio album with Mystery

MYSTERY –The World is a Game is the most advance recording album for the Canadian Band.

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INNER ODYSSEY signed to Unicorn Digital

Unicorn Digital is proud to announce that Quebec city prog band Inner Odyssey has been signed with the label for the release of the album Have a Seat (UNCR-5082) That will be available worldwide October ist 2012

Inner Odyssey is a five piece band playing modern prog with inluences from band like Porcupine Tree, Riverside and Dream Theater.

Their first album Have a Seat will be available worlwide on Unicorn Digital this fall, Check them out and stay tuned for updates

SROD signed to Unicorn Digital

Unicorn Digital is proud to announce that SROD has been signed with the label for the release of the album NATURE (UNCR-5083) That will be available worldwide July 2012.

SROD is a musical project fronted by guitarist Santiago Rodriguez (Venezuela). SROD joins the line of great guitar albums released by Unicorn Digital such as Daryl Stuermer, Heon, Flood, Junk farms and many more. SROD –Nature will be available online and in record stores summer 2012

KARCIUS is back with a 4th Album

Montreal prog fusion band Karcius will be back to launch their latest CD on Tuesday, June 5, 2012 at La Sala Rossa (4848 St-Laurent, Montreal • 514-284-0122).

After four years of hard work, Karcius is proud to present their fourth studio album, The First Day. This new album features a unique style of fusion, emanating from rock, pop, world music, classical, jazz, and ambient grooves. A brand new song from the latest album is available for download at Doors at 7:00 PM and the show will begin at 8:00 PM. Admission is $10 at the door.

Secret Society of Starfish signs with Unicorn Digital

Unicorn Digital is proud to announce that American progressive rock band SECRET SOCIETY OF STARFISH has signed with the label for the release of their album Dark Reflections from the Waters Edge (UNCR-5078 November 2011)

SECRET SOCIETY OF STARFISH is a progressive rock band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They have been described as Tool meets Porcupine Tree and their intricate music ranges from hard-driving to complex to ethereal instrumentals. Signed to Canadian indie label Unicorn Records, SSOS has performed with prog icons Yes, hard rockers King's X and many prog, metal and rock acts around the Midwest.

SECRET SOCIETY OF STARFISH is composed of veteran musicians from Milwaukee area prog-rock groups. The band features vocals by Pablo Sepulveda Jr., D.R. Burkowitz on bass, Chris Vincent on drums, guitarist Joe Kopecky and Jeffrey Konkol on keyboards.

ARZ signs with Unicorn Digital

Unicorn Digital is proud to announce that American progressive rock band ARZ has signed with the label for the release of their album Turn of the Tide (UNCR-5077 November 2011)

ARZ is the name of the two-man progressive rock group from Portland, Oregon, and the two men in this band are guitarist/singer Steve Adams and drummer Merrill Hale

ARZ had previously been Adams’s one-man instrumental tour de force (back then, Steve played all the guitars, the bass guitar, and programmed drums in addition to his evocative vocals

On their upcoming album Turn of the Tide, new pieces such as “Hope and Glory” revive the passion of vintage Emerson, Lake and Palmer, while other tracks such as “To The Better Man” and “Birth of a Hero” present Adams as a very effective singer, drawing from influences such as Rush and Jethro Tull.

Steve Gagné leaves Mystery

Dear Fans : A few months ago, our friend drummer Steve Gagné informed us that he would not be recording the new Mystery album in order to concentrate and persue a new personal career and challenge.

Steve joined Mystery in 1997 during the recording of the Destiny album, it was not long before he became a friend and a major force behind Mystery and over the years his strength and profesionalism has taught us to be better musicians and artists in the most humble way.

It is with great regret that we have to inform you that Steve will not be part of the new album, but at the same time we are very excited and happy for him and his new ventures and we wish him all the best. Music is a long road and our paths will certainly cross again.

Visit the Mystery Website

MP3 samples available here

New Mystery Album featuring Nick D'Virgilio

Mystery is preparing a new album. All drums tracks have been recorded at Chemical Sound in Toronto, Ontario with well known progressive rock drummer Nick D’Virgilio.

Nick D'Virgilio is an American drummer and multi-instrumentalist musician, often referred to as NDV, best known as a member of the progressive rock band Spock's Beard. He was also one of two drummers chosen to replace Phil Collins in Genesis on the Calling All Stations album. He has also done session work with many artists including Tears for Fears and Big Big Train.

Benoit David is currently at illusion studio with Michel St-Pere to record all vocal tracks before Benoit returns with YES at the end of October for their up coming European tour.

Great bassist and long time mystery friend Antoine Farard (Spaced Out), who just released his first solo album Solus Operandi will be recording bass fo the new Mystery album in his London studio, UK in October

The new album with the working title “The World is a Game” will be mixed in November and ready for release early 2012.

Once again produced by Michel St-Pere, the follow up to the best selling Unicorn Digital release of all time, One Among the Living (2010) will be released early 2012

Visit the Mystery Website

MP3 samples available here

First Solo Album from Spaced Out's Antoine Fafard

Unicorn Digital is proud to announce the release of the album Solus Operandi, the first solo release by Spaced Out's Antoine Fafard. The record features 17 tracks totaling 75 minutes of original instrumental music featuring Fafard on fretless bass and classical guitar.

The record also features many collaborators including Magella Cormier, Jerry De Villier Jr, Tom Quayle, Martin Maheux as well as drum legend Dave Weckl (Chick Corea, Mike Stern).

Release as a Digipak

New album and European tour for Jelly Fiche

Quebec progressive rock band Jelly fiche will be releasing their second album on August 10, 2011 in France. For this occasion, the band will play for their first European tour with a much anticipated performance at the Crescendo Festival on August 18. The release of the Symbiose album will also be celebrated at l’alizé in Montreal on the 13th of September 2011. With their first album Tout ce que j’ai rêvé, Jelly Fiche is considered one of the best new French progressive rock band.

With their new concept album Symbiose, Jelly Fiche returns this time with a heavier sound and the band proves once more that they can create their own and unique musical universe.

Mixed by Don Murnaghan (Arcade Fire) et mastering by Gary Tanin (Daryl Stuermer, Roger Powell) released on the Unicorn Digital Label.

DIRECTION to release double album VA

Quebec progressive rock band Direction is back with their 6th and 7th release.

Presented as a double album (third one on the Unicorn Digital label). VA tells the story of Alex’s journey.

This 2 CD progressive rock opera features 23 actors who take the listeners right into the heart of the story. The French Canadian band Direction delivers with VA yet another great progressive rock double CD.

Benoit David on tour with YES

Fall Tour in Europe

Yes has completed their summer tour of the United States, and is now taking a well-deserved break. Next up is a fall tour of Europe, beginning in November.

Premium ticket packages are still available, including the fan-favorite Meet & Greet Package.


SLP signs with Unicorn Digital

UNICORN DIGITAL is proud to welcome SLP into the family. Sébastien Lépine has established a solid reputation in the realm of classical music, yet he is also a highly versatile artist, a musical renaissance man who never hesitates to venture out on the uncertain path of experimentation. SLP (for Sébastien Lépine Project) finds the cellist temporarily swapping his precious Stradivarius for an electric cello, backed by the stalwart musicianship of guitarist Martin Carbonneau, bassist Ian Peterson, and drummer Denis Marchand. Within this electric chamber ensemble, if one may so call it, he delivers his own jazz-infused progressive rock compositions, creating an eclectic, yet attractive amalgamation of sounds.

Inspired by the likes of King Crimson, Pat Metheny, and Gentle Giant, the former pupil of cello master Janos Starker explores the many facets of the electric cello through remarkably well-written works that brilliantly showcase the spectacular instrument. Featuring electric guitar, electric bass, and drums, the performance is as surprising as it is uniquely innovative.

ALBUM AVAILABLE , DEC 15th on the Unicorn Website and Jan 15th 2011 in all your favourite progressive rock record store

Visit the SLP Website

MP3 samples available here

TRIOXYDE signs with Unicorn Digital

Montreal Funk Jazz band TRIOXYDE new album "Hey Carlos" is now available on Unicorn Digital,

The new CD Hey Carlos, is the 3rd CD from the band, First one on the Unicorn Digital label. in 2010, Trioxyde celebrates its 20th anniversary! Founded in 1990 in Montreal by guitarist and composer Jean-François Girard, the band started its career as a power trio, promoting its music via local and national radios, bars and also some well renowned jazz events in Quebec.

In 1995, Trioxyde has turned into a quartet with the addition of a sax player. This metamorphosis can be heard on their first EP album release «Fantôme» (1996). This new skin leads the band to accomplish some bigger touring projects in Quebec and France (Grenoble, Lyon and Vienne).

In 2003, the saxophone is replaced by the electric piano. The musical approach provided more maturity, as well as the new repertoire. Accordingly the musical approch is immediately felt in a CD simply titled «Trioxyde» is released in 2007.

Trioxyde has just signed with Unicorn Digital in 2010 for the release of their third album «Hey Carlos» -paying a tribute to guitarist Carlos Santana -among others!

Visit the Trioxyde Website

MP3 samples available here

Face of our Fathers,
New album from Pictorial Wand

Three years after the well-received "A Sleeper´s Awakening", a new album from Mattis Sorum´s Pictorial Wand has finally arrived. "Face of our Fathers" is an album, compared to the former "A Sleeper´s Awakening" a little more to the point maybe, a little more focused on the vocals, and clearer themes on each song. But the variation from the last album is absolutely there, with acoustic passages roaming through heavy stuff and further into the fantastic world of the analogue synths. A couple of new, amazing vocalists and instrumentalists have been brought onto the set this time, together with some from the former album. It is a concept-album, like the Sleeper-album of course, and we follow the destiny of four characters fighting for what they believe in.

The main theme of this album is how the former

generations leave behind an inheritance for the next, and how they in turn try to deal with it. We will see a pulling between pride, reason, love and hope in the struggle for their own needs and believes and the fulfilling of what is expected of them from the former generations. The circle ends with father and son facing eachother on the battlefield...

MP3 samples available here

10th anniversary Edition for MYSTERY album Destiny?

10 years ago, Mystery had just released their 3rd CD entitled Destiny? This album received rave reviews from all over the world. The album cover showed a child waiting for the schoolbus in front of a cemetary. What will happen between this young kid school day and the day that this kid, hopefully very old, will die.

Well in 10 years many things happened. Members have left and other have joined the band, and unfortunately some have left for another world. The world is not really the same anymore and everything did not turn out according to plans or was it all just following the course of a greater master plan fore-ordained by the Divine?? Who knows?, One thing is sure the questions asked on Destiny? Have not been answered yet and probably never will.

2 songs will not make the final mix in 1998 including Beneath the Veil of Winter’s Face which 9 years later has become the title track of Mystery’s best selling CD, and Hevean can Wait that you can now find on the new 10th Anniversary edition of DESTINY?

After the release of MYSTERY’s latest album Beneath the Veil of Winter’s Face, Tracks from the Destiny? Sessions were transferred into Illusion Studio’s computer and the new mix was started. Michel St-Pere says about this project: Not only this album brought MYSTERY to a new level, but it also started the whole Unicorn Records adventure. But I was not satisfied with the mix and after mixing Beneath the Veil of Winter’s Face, I knew I could bring Destiny to a new level.

The new mix sounds a lot better than the original and this album deserves to be heard the way it was meant to be. The 10th anniversary edition of Destiny is now available,

Visit the new MYSTERY website at

FLOOD first album Tales from the Four Seasons

FLOOD's debut album ‘Tales From The Four Seasons’ is an instrumental album. It began life as a short piece entitled Summer written whilst on holiday in Dorset five years ago and became a four suites concept album

Although typically drawn to more heavy arrangements in terms of the use of synthesisers, bass pedals and electric guitars, Flood felt it was important to keep the orchestration and choice of instruments the same as had been used on Summer. The original orchestration has been augmented by the use of piano, upright bass clarinet and drums. Each season is made up of individual movements linked together using short linking passages. The music was inspired by the sights and sounds of the English countryside.

MP3 samples available here

VECTEUR K first album on Unicorn Digital

UNICORN DIGITAL is proud to welcome VECTEUR K into the family.

This album, called La peur du désert (Fear of the desert), released in May 2009 on Unicorn Digital (UNCR 5068), offers a reflexion on the feeling of emptyness expressed by mankind and the perpetual fight for filling it. A rich and pure sound, french lyrics, and a desire to keep arrangements simple in spite of the complexity of some structures gave a very special and unique touch to the album, which may please both progressive and general rock fans. In that way, Vecteur K offers something unique.

Formed of lead singer and guitarist Marc-André Noël, lead guitarist Marc-Antoine Sauvé, keyboard player Jean-François Bernard, bassman Benoît Dalpé and drummer Éric Cournoyer, Vecteur K takes place on the musical scene since 2003. Marc-André, Éric and Benoît are in the adventure since the beginning, while Marc-Antoine joined in 2007, followed by Jean-François in 2008. With explosive compositions and imaging lyrics, they established their own style, without any barrier or limits, between rock and progressive types of music.

MP3 samples available here


UNICORN DIGITAL is proud to welcome Rick Miller into the family and presents his latest Progressive Rock CD falling Through Rainbows

Rick Miller has been composing, producing, performing and recording since the early 80s. Having produced a great deal of instrumental music for various AV productions, in 1982, he released “Starsong,” a new age keyboard, instrumental work that sold over 30,000 copies worldwide..

Throughout the 80s and 90s, Miller gained a great deal of production experience while working at Sound Design Studios in Toronto, then later in his own studio in Lakefield, Ontario, all the while honing his skills as a singer, songwriter.

Early in the new century, Miller turned his attention to his first love, Progressive Rock, the music he grew up listening to. Between 2004 and 2009, he released 4 CDs in the prog rock genre, the latest being “Falling Through Rainbows.” His style can be considered to be about halfway between Pink Floyd and The Moody Blues, and although there is certainly a modern edge to his work, there is no doubt that his major influence comes directly from the 70s. All of Miller’s CDs feature an assortment of guest musicians and singers that typically add their own flavour to each piece they work on.

Rick Miller currently lives and works in Lakefield, Ontario, Canada and is married with 3 teenage children.

MP3 samples available here


Unicorn Digital is proud to announce Iranian guitar player Agah Bahari has signed a deal with Unicorn Digital for the release and promotion of his album "The Second Sight of a Mind" .

Agah Bahari's debut solo album "The Second Sight of a Mind" is a dream come true for fans of Progressive Rock music. A One of a kind adventurous instrumental progressive metal collaboration between Agah Bahari, Derek Sherinian, Virgil Donati and Ric Fierabracci

"Agah Bahari is writing cutting edge instrumental progressive rock. His guitar playing is very impressive as well." Says Derek Sherinian.

"Agah is a great up and coming writer and guitarist who has a really fresh sounding approach that is really welcomed by me." adds Ric Fierabracci The Second Sight of a Mind is available now.

MP3 samples available here

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