Music Distribution

Unicorn Digital offers artists a worldwide distribution network.

With its expanding distribution network, UNICORN DIGITAL Inc. (New name since 2005) productions are made available around the world for the music lover without interfering in the creative process of the artists.

Unicorn Digital also offers digital distribution through iTunes , Mindawn and many other platforms providing an instant worldwide access and visibility for its artists.

Unicorn Digital Distribution

Music Production

Unicorn Digital Inc. is a offers complete music production service to artists from around the world. From the writing stage, arranging, recording, to the mixing stage, mastering and delivering a finished master, Unicorn Digital can help and guide the artist through all the stages of music production.

Unicorn Digital also have its own recording studio. Studio Illusion III is offering artists a nice recording environment. Unicorn Digital is also affiliated with mastering studios, graphic and web design companies and duplication facilities to help Artists releasing their music to the world.

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Artist representation and Promotion

Unicorn Digital also offers management and representation services for its artists,

Unicorn Digital has over the year built a promotion service for its artist, distributing promotional copies physically and now digitally to a wide group of Media including, Distributors, Record Stores, Labels, Radios, Websites , Webzines, Magazines and concert promoters.

The Unicorn Digital promo service is now offered to other labels and indie artists who are not signed to Unicorn Digital. Please contact us for more information.

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